Call for Paper

Feature Topic, Vol. 18, No. 9, 2021

Call for Papers -- Feature Topic, Vol. 18, No. 9, 2021  
Multiple Dimension Collaborative Operation Techniques and Networking for Air-Space-Ground Integrated System: Technologies and Applications

Along with the swift growth of communication services, various networks have made multidimensional technical evolution. For example, high transmission speed and large bandwidth is focused for ground cellular network; high mobility is focused for air network; wide-area coverage is focused for satellite network. In future, if the industry demand drives different multidimensional networks working collaboratively, forming an integrated space-air-ground collaboration network, the process of network evolution would be greatly promoted. Building a space, sea and ground integrated network for industrial applications, would enhance the practical applications which a single network can never achieve, and promote the progress of informatization development of our country.
From the perspective of integration and collaboration of space-air-ground network, technical progress is studied and analyzed. New basic technologies improving the networking of air space network from multiple dimensions is investigated. From the perspective of network  collaboration applications and industry informatization and intelligentization, the design of application framework and the research on network integration is carried out, we would be able to better meet the business requirements from various industries in the future.
Submission Deadline: February 28, 2021
Acceptance Notification (1st round): April 15, 2021
Minor Revision Due: May 05, 2021
Final Decision Due: June 20, 2021
Final Manuscript Due: July 5, 2021
Publication Date: September 15, 2021
Zhang qinyu, Harbin Institute of Technology
Sha xuejun, Harbin Institute of Technology
Ge Ning, Tsinghua University
Ji Fei, South China University of Technology

●    TRACK 1: Application, collaborative operation and network architecture of ground-air-space integrated network 
      ●  Industry application protype on ground-air-space integrated network 
      ●  Network collaborative operation and control mode over territorial area
      ●  IoT based on ground-air-space integrated network (satellite priority? Or equivalent mixture)
      ●  Multiple dimensional and dynamic network architecture  

●    TRACK 2: Network collaborative operation model and performance analysis
      ●  Collaborative operation network coverage and its optimization for ground-air-space integrated network
      ●  Dynamic coverage on demand for ground-air-space integrated network(coast or land area)
      ●  Wireless Transmission technology for ground-air-space integrated network
●    TRACK 3: Evolution for ground-air-space network
      ●  Feature overview or extension for ground-air-space integrated network
      ●  Cross-layer transmission designs for ground-air-space channel based on Viryual network
Papers should be submitted in two separate .doc files (preferred) or .pdf files: 1) Main Document (including paper title, abstract, key words, and full text); 2) Title page (including paper title, author affiliation, acknowledgement and any other information related with the authors’ identification) through the Manuscript Central. Please register or login at, then go to the author center and follow the instructions there. Remember to select “Multiple Dimension Collaborative Operation Techniques and Networking for Air-Space-Ground Integrated System: Technologies and Applications—September issue 2021” as your manuscript type when submitting; otherwise, it might be considered as a regular paper.
Each submission must be accompanied by the following information:
● an abstract of about 150 words
● 3-8 keywords
● original photographs with high-resolution (300 dpi or greater); eps. or tif. format is preferred
● sequentially numbered references. The basic reference format is: author name, "article name", issue name(italic), vol, no., page, month, year. for example: Y.M Huang, "pervateture in wireless hetergeneous..",IEEE Journal on Selected Areas, vol.27, no. 5, pp 34-50, May, 2009.
● brief biographies of authors (50-75 words)
● contact information, including email and mailing addresses
Please note that each submission will normally be approximately 4500 words, with no more than 20 mathematical formulas, accomplished by up to 10 figures and/or tables.

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