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Feature Topic Vol.17, No.10, 2020
Security Issues in Emerging Edge Computing
Edge computing is an emerging technology for revolutionarily tackling the network bottlenecks of cloud-device ecosystems. It is predicted that there will be about 20 billion edge devices connected to the internet, with 507.9 ZB data generated by 2020, which has reached the limits of central clouds and network bandwidth. It is vitally important for distributed and decentralized edge devices to perform necessary computations on-device rather than outsourcing it to the cloud. However, the openness, heterogeneity and limited computing and storage resources of edge devices have greatly increased the difficulty of security protection in edge computing.
This SI targets to address challenges related to developing architectures, algorithms, and techniques to guarantee the security of edge computing. This Special Collection aims to address all these topics and invite contributions from worldwide leading researchers.
Submission Deadline: May 31, 2020
Acceptance Notification (1st round): June 5, 2020
Revision Due: June 20, 2020
Final Decision Due: July 5, 2020
Final Manuscript Due: July 25, 2020
Publication Date: October 31, 2020
1. Xianwei Zhou, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China.
2. Lei Yang, University of Nevada, Reno, USA.
3. Jun Zhao, Technological University, Singapore.
Access control mechanism in Edge Computing
Privacy-preserving computation in Edge Computing
Trust and reputation issues in Edge Computing
Security architecture for Edge Computing
Key management in Edge Computing
Privacy-Enhancing Cryptographic Techniques
Secure Data Analysis and Private Learning
Outsourced or Verifiable Computation
Secure Federation and Orchestration of Edge Devices
Secure Software-Defined Networking and Virtualization for Edge computing
Security in Content Delivery
Security in Crowdsourcing
Security in Location Services
Intrusion Detection in Edge Computing
Cyber-Physical Security of Edge Devices
  This feature topic “Security Issues in Emerging Edge Computing” invites submissions of high-quality original research papers exploring architectures, algorithms, and techniques to guarantee the security of edge computing. Potential topics of interest include, but not limited to areas listed above.
  Papers should be submitted in two separate .doc files (preferred) or .pdf files: 1) Main Document (including paper title, abstract, key words, and full text); 2) Title page (including paper title, author affiliation, acknowledgement and any other information related with the authors’ identification) through the Manuscript Central. Please register or login at, then go to the author center and follow the instructions there. Remember to select “Security Issues in Emerging Edge Computing–May Issue, 2020” as your manuscript type when submitting; otherwise, it might be considered as a regular paper. 
Each submission must be accompanied by the following information:
● An abstract of about 150 words
● 3-8 keywords
● Original photographs with high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) in eps. or tif. format is preferred. The basic reference format is: author name, "article name", issue name(italic), vol, no., page, month, year. for example: Y.M Huang, "Pervateture in Wireless Hetergeneous..",IEEE Journal on Selected Areas, vol.27, no. 5, pp 34-50, May, 2009.
● Brief biographies of authors (50-75 words) with photos
● Contact information, including email and mailing addresses
Please note that each submission will normally be approximately 4500 words, with no more than 20 mathematical formulas, accomplished by up to 10 figures and/or tables. (We may remove these limitations.)

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