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  A Reconfigurable Block Cryptographic Processor Based on VLIW Architecture (2625)
  LI Wei, ZENG Xiaoyang, NAN Longmei, CHEN Tao, DAI Zibin
  2016, No.1:91-99 | [PDF 1523 KB]
  Packet Cache-Forward Method Based on Improved Bayesian Outlier Detection for Mobile Handover in Satellite Networks (961)
  Hefei Hu, Dongming Yuan, Mingxia Liao, Yuan’an Liu
  2016, No.6:167-177 | [PDF 1248 KB]
  Trends of Communication Processors (573)
  LIU Dake, CAI Zhaoyun*, WANG Wei
  2016, No.1:1-16 | [PDF 1887 KB]
  Improving Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection with Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques (472)
  SHI Wenchang, ZHAO Fei, QIN Bo, LIANG Bin
  2016, No.1:139-149 | [PDF 2448 KB]
  A Jury-Based Trust Management Mechanism in Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks (467)
  Su Wengui, Liao Yang
  2015, No.7:119-126 | [PDF 0 KB]